Mr-08 at 08:35:42 BST, seller added the following information: Metallic, E-marked exhaust sticker.Manufactured in heat-resistant, purpose-made, vinyl.Ideal for use on after-market exhausts where the original "legal" markings have worn off due to age.100% pass rate with both "spot checks" and MOTsThin, self-adhesive, design (although we recommend that the stickers are lacquered over with heat-resistant lacquer to help prolong their legibility and life, if required).These stickers measure 60mm long x 20mm high, as shown in the photographs.Urgent Update !!! Please note that it has been brought to my attention that several inferior versions of these stickers are now being offered on + other sites by "car" dealers, etc...some of which have, apparently, even had the cheek to closely copy my advert wording and photograph (which we have been using for over 10 years!). Whilst we are very flattered, I must, however, stress that All Bikes Racing has no connection with these "mimics" whatsoever and take no responsibilty for the quality, or otherwise, of the goods they are attempting to supply. Quite simply, our stickers are the "originals" and the manufacturers that we use do not supply anyone other than ourselves. Thank You. + Another couple of "updates"....please read ! I have also received one "neutral" feedback from a foreign gentleman who purchased one of these stickers. It was my first ever "non positive" feedback in regard to these items, as you can see if you check my ratings. Apparently, this gentleman translated the word "metallic" into meaning "made out of metal", which, obviously, is an incorrect translation, otherwise there would be no such thing as "metallic PAINT", for example. I e.mailed him to explain this and respectfully requested that he removed this "neutral" rating but this was never done. Hence, I thought it best to explain why my previously "100%" positive status has now been flawed.......(the stickers are "metallic", but NOT actually "tin" or "metal"...they are manufactured from a special, heat-resistant vinyl, EXACTLY as described in the listing + always have been).AND, we have just received "Negative" feedback (our first ever !) from a customer CLAIMING that his sticker didn`t arrive, even though we sent him Proof of Posting AND gave him a Full Refund as a Gesture of Goodwill. All of our deliveries carry a "return" address too, so if the sticker "wasn`t" delivered, it would have been returned to us (it wasn`t). Hence, I would strongly recommend that other honest and decent ers avoid dealing with a gentleman from Portugal that uses the id."wkvzd471". He is not to be trusted. End of rant.  :)   18/4/18 Thank you for your time in reading this update...it is appreciated.

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